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Join the New Movement in Brain Health

Together empowers older adults with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or related conditions to maintain their health and independence at home and reduce the risk of further cognitive decline.

Our Programs

Rooted in both science and heart, Together Senior Health's Moving Together™ program takes a human approach to the long-term effects of cognitive decline. Participate in our live-streaming classes from home — with or without a support person — on your TV, tablet, or computer.

Get Moving Together

Program Benefits


Stay Healthy

Enjoy improvements in physical function, attention and alertness without the uncomfortable side effects often seen with popular medications.


Stay Independent

Experience stress relief and improved mobility, balance, and coordination to enhance independence and peace of mind.


Stay Together

Form healthy habits together to stay connected to others and reduce feelings of social isolation while gaining a greater sense of well-being.


Our Research

Built in partnership with leading researchers at the University of California, San Francisco—our programs are based on more than a decade of research and elevate cognitive health through movement, mindfulness, and community.

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Get in Touch

Do you have a question? Please reach out. We’re happy to provide more information about our company and program.