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Moving Brain Health Forward

Together Senior Health is an evidence-based, researched-backed online platform for your members, patients and clients concerned about their cognitive health.

Our platform includes therapeutic interventions, classes, community and resources for your Medicare Advantage or Home Health members with dementia, Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) as well as those who want to stay active and maintain their cognitive health.

Brain Health Is Better Together

With seamless integration into plans, provider systems, and home health services, Together Senior Health gives access to a first-of-its-kind, effective solution for individuals experiencing cognitive decline.

Join the New Movement in Brain Health

Single Solution, Multiple Benefits



  • Clinically validated results with 2-3x better effects than best-in-class medications
  • Based on 10 years of research at the University of California, San Francisco
  • Backed by a world-class scientific advisory board


  • Live-streaming Moving Together™ classes delivered in-home to eligible members
  • Mobility and cognition improvements to maintain independence
  • Neuroscience-based curriculum and user experience


  • Synergistic benefits through the integration of movement, mindfulness, and music
  • Virtual group setting provides community and social support, reducing isolation
  • Member engagement enables additional care and connection opportunities

Everybody Wins


Member Health and Independence

  • Fewer falls, increased strength, mobility, and stamina
  • Increased functional capabilities and quality of life
  • Decreased anxiety and disorientation
  • Slows the rate of cognitive and physical decline

Healthcare Utilization Impact

  • Fewer emergency room visits
  • Decreased inpatient spend
  • Delays the need for institutional care

Financial Value

  • Lowers total cost of care
  • Helps to close gaps in care
  • Increases engagement and satisfaction metrics

Brain Health That Moves You

Together Senior Health provides evidence-based, member-centered programs that our partners are proud to be a part of

The research behind Together's solution demonstrates the clinical value of integrating different behavioral methods and a neuroscience-based curriculum.

Deborah Barnes PhD, MPH
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UCSF

Moving Together helped us to build deeper relationships with our clients, offer more comprehensive services, and improve caregiver satisfaction.

Jim Kimzey
CEO, Tender Rose Dementia Care Specialists (Home Care Assistance)

When building a product for this underserved and challenging population, Together's human-centered design approach is essential for its success.

Dennis Boyle
IDEO Design For Health Domain Lead, Stanford

Members with dementia cost 3x that of those without. Together's solution can help reduce the total cost of care and improve member satisfaction with this complex population.

Josh Habib
Formerly UnitedHealth Group and Towers Perrin

Science and Innovation

Together is committed to providing evidence-based programs to people with memory loss and pushing research forward to slow or prevent cognitive decline.

Developed with grants from the National Institute of Health and in partnership with leading researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, our programs elevate cognitive health through movement, mindfulness, and community.

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