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Disconnects in Dementia Care: Opportunities for Impact

Health plans face a growing number of members with dementia but are seemingly resigned to the use of insufficient solutions. They see the huge unmet need but underestimate both the expanding costs and the opportunity to address them.

Our recent research – an independent survey of 53 health plan executives – investigates this disconnect in dementia care. Request your free copy today to access key findings, such as: 

  • Disconnects between perception and reality of cost. Which condition is more expensive to manage - cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Plans want to invest in dementia care. Do they have effective care management programs in place for these expensive members?
  • Non-pharmaceutical interventions wanted.  Are plans waiting for a magic pill or acting on evidence-based alternative programs today?  

Does your organization recognize the true cost of managing members with dementia and the impact of inaction?

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