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Living with Memory Loss

Living with memory loss, confusion, and forgetfulness is stressful... but you're not alone. Join a community of your peers where research and therapy come together to improve quality of life and provide support for you to stay healthy and independent.

Our programs are backed by clinical trials and are a fun way for people with any level of memory loss to maintain brain health and stay active.

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Our Programs

Together’s online classes meet twice weekly with one of our compassionate instructors, in small groups that share similar cognitive or physical challenges. Participate from home – with or without a partner - on your computer, tablet or TV.

Each class is tailored to the group, and targets functional movements and stamina that help people stay active, brain health and mindfulness practices to help with focus and attention, and music and conversation to share stories and learnings.

Unlike drugs to treat cognitive decline or typical exercise or brain games, Together’s programs are safe and proven to be effective. We listen to participants and teach new skills using muscle memory, mindful body awareness and social connection, ways that people with memory loss can continue to learn.

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Moving Together Classes

Program Benefits


Stay Independent

Experience stress relief and improved mobility, balance, and coordination to enhance independence and peace of mind.


Stay Healthy

Enjoy improvements in physical function, attention and alertness without the uncomfortable side effects often seen with popular medications.


Stay Together

Form healthy habits together to stay connected to others and reduce feelings of social isolation while gaining a greater sense of well-being.

The Reviews Are In

Don't just take our word for it. Check out what Together Senior Health’s program participants have to say.

Not only does it help with the physical part, but it helps the way I think.


Instructors are very caring and inclusive of all students.

Mary Ann

I enjoy the…compassion and understanding of the instructor regarding personal limitations.


I like the class very much as it helps me move and do things better.


It's a very good session. A very good organization. I really enjoy it. I start the day out feeling a little bit better than before.


It’s so nice to be part of this group, but also to feel safe within our own home.


I am still glowing that my doctor says I am getting better, not worse.



Built in partnership with leading researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, our programs elevate cognitive health through movement, mindfulness, and community.

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